Industrie Performing Arts are currently unable to provide our usual classes from our beautiful studios due to COVID-19. However, we feel extremely fortunate to be able to offer you an online product that will keep our dancers moving, motivated, engaged, learning, connected and healthy.

Our aim is to make the process easy for parents in bringing all classes offered here in the click of a button and a follow of the link. A variety of classes in a format that best suits the individual class setting is available in either pre-records, live streams with the addition of guest teachers, training videos, choreography and tips to keep your dancer moving forward and focused.

All teachers have worked extremely hard to bring you term 2 content, it’s certainly not perfect and nothing will compare to the buzz of usual studio life, however if we can provide our dancers some content that they look forward to, give them an outlet and continue personal contact with their studio friends & teachers, then we are still playing our role in our dancers lives until we meet in person again.

This is our new reality and like our current schooling situation we will get better at this with some practise and used to our new norm. Content will be updated with more classes added throughout the term. Enjoy and thank you for your continued loyalty and support. 

Thank You,

Nicole, Sam & IPA Staff.

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From adversity comes strength.

We understand that online classes are not the same experience as our regular studio sessions. We also believe in the determination of our students and will make the resources available here as high quality and useful as possible. We aim to assist all students to continue their dance training & awaken their spirit.

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